4 Slack Tips That Will Help Accelerate Your Async Workflow

Batch process slacks and emails — it’s my productivity tip of the year.

And if you really want to get the most out of Slack and move past the basics to increase your efficiency, I have some pro tips you’ll love.

Here’s 4 Slack tips that will increase your productivity:

1: Use Reacji Channeler to pull content from across slack into specific channels.

Need to find highlights from across the org for your newsletter? Important wins to include in weekly updates? Kudos to team members? Important information to include in your handbook? This plugin makes it possible — game changer.

Only works for public channels, though.

2: Create slack channels instead of group chats.

Stop the madness and get efficient. If it’s more than two people create a private temp channel. Use separate slack channels for all of your major programs.

Keep as much conversation public as possible and utilize threads to keep topics contained and easy to search.

3: Separate signal from noise with settings.

Turn off notifications for most things (especially on mobile). Mute channels. Utilize keywords so you only get notified about the things that matter.

Review your settings every so often as your focus shifts or new programs get started.

4: Schedule messages.

Write messages during your batch time block. Schedule them to land during people’s core collaboration hours. Be a good samaritan and write more thoughtfully because you’re not sending off pings between meetings.

Your team will appreciate you, and you’ll get better responses.



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Rachel Kobetz

I love shaping product cultures that connect people and make technology more human. SVP + Global Head of Design at Expedia Group. Prev. BofA, Amazon, + Samsung